• Unleash the Power to Ignore Limits  
  • ​Unlock the Obsession of a Winner
  • ​Activate the Success Ego of an Experimentalist
  • ​Break Through Lids and Limits
The Power To Ignore Limits
Discover your Experimentalist
Do you feel stuck? Has your company hit a lid? Would you like to reach your full potential? Do you feel like you have a date with destiny? Do you want to make sense of past pain and challenges? The Experimentalist is your road map to limitless possibilities.

Destiny demands that you become an experimentalist. Someone who has exhausted what she knows and is now in search of the unknown and undiscovered. This path will lead you to experimental success. 

In The Experimentalist, you will learn how to win against all odds. You will unlock the obsession of a winner and success ego of an experimentalist. Discover the power necessary to ignore your limits. Your past experiences will all begin to make sense as you understand that you too are walking with destiny.
  • ​“Tracey Armstrong has done it again with The Experimentalist. Pushing limits on wealth creation and working to scale our business platforms in multiple cities needs fresh perspectives, creative thinking, and courage. The Experimentalist breathes life on lives and organizations that are stuck in between the current and the future they see. Tracey is one of the most trusted coaching voices in my life and the lives of those we are developing.” Colin Higginbottom – CEO, President – Sustainable Legacy Group
  • “With his relentless study and personal experience, Tracey Armstrong will inspire you to shatter the boundaries of fear, past failure, and limitations to experience a new level of creative success in your life and business. If you’re ready to take the next step in your life, career, and dreams, this book is the breakthrough you have been waiting for!” Joel Luce, Chief Executive Officer, Bridgecom Communications and Previon Health​
  • ​“The principles and strategies revealed in this book can launch you to a whole new level of thinking and living.” Dr Bob Harrison “America’s Increase Authority”
  • ​This book is for everyone who desires to push beyond their limits and reveal their greatness! This profound and powerful tool will allow you to unlock personal excellence by shifting the directions you think, restoring the ability to dream, and bringing to life unused courage and commitment. Tracey’s passion will inspire you to take charge of results you produce, while making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.Rex Crain, Author - Results Coach